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Emirati Human Resources Development Council was established in Dubai by a decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

The Council, which includes representatives from government and private sectors, aims to create a reference body representing stakeholders concerned with Emirati HR development in Dubai's private sector, to ensure that there is an attractive and stimulating environment that attract Emirati human resources, and to ensure that the educational outcomes of Emirati students are aligned with the requirements of the labor market in the emirate according to strategic priority sectors.

The decree outlined the terms of reference of the Emirati Human Resources Development Council in Dubai, mainly: drawing up strategic directions for the development of Emirati human resources in the private sector, developing strategic plans to achieve the objectives and results of the formation of the Council, as well as identifying action plans, and proposing and reviewing policies and legislation that ensure that the objectives of the formation of the Council or affect the development of Emirati human resources in the private sector are achieved.

The Council is also concerned with coordinating and cooperating with employers in strategic sectors in the private sector to increase the proportion of Emiratis working in it, developing programs and policies supporting it, developing guidance programs and policies in coordination with stakeholders, as well as developing guidance programs for Emiratis to increase the rate of engagement and participation in the private sector labor market, coordinating with stakeholders to provide appropriate career opportunities. This is in addition to adopting and developing initiatives, projects and programs related to the rehabilitation, training, employment and development of Emirati human resources in the private sector, in accordance with international best practices, preparing studies and research, submitting proposals, and issuing bulletins and statistics, which help in the development strategies of Emirati human resources.

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Address: Dubai Government Human Resources Department

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