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The Financial Audit Authority is a public authority with the objectives: to audit public funds by verifying that they are legitimately and properly used and managed, to promote the principles of transparency and integrity; to combat all types, forms, and methods of financial and administrative corruption, to verify that the administrative resolutions and procedures adopted by Auditees are in compliance with the legislation in force in the Emirate, to promote and ensure the implantation of effective accountability and to contribute in creation of a supportive audit and risk management environment in accordance with the law No. 4 of the year 2018 which grants the Authority the financial and administrative autonomy as a public authority affiliated to the Ruler. 

  • Vision:
    • To Become a World-Class Accountability Organization that Contributes to and Supports the Achievement of Dubai's Vision
  • Mission:
    • To Provide Innovative Professional Services that Add Value, Build Trust and Inspire Confidence
  • Values:
    • Independence: To give objective opinion features neutrality and impartiality.
    • Creativity: we encourage our people to think out of the box to deliver high quality solutions that add value to support the achievement of Dubai's vision.
    • Professionalism: we build strong audit foundations through trust, integrity and excellence.
    • Transparency: we adopt the principles of transparency, honesty to ensure accountability in all our acts and to establish trust via excellent performance. 
    • Excellence: we consistently pursue the highest quality standards and professionalism in our performance and look forward to achieve our strategic goals.

 Contact Information:

Financial Audit Department

One Central,

Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4-777 9999