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Dubai Land Department (DLD) was established in January 1960 to handle all matters of legalization for sale and purchase of land; and approve, organize and document real estate trading operations in Dubai. DLD provides more than 164 outstanding service to all its customers, to go beyond just providing registration and titling, but rather to provide a fully integrated experience for customers. The department is also active in the development of the necessary legislation to propel the real estate sector in Dubai, along with organizing and promoting real estate investment, as well as the distribution of knowledge in real estate.

DLD seeks to become a beacon for real estate in the region with developments that will elevate the real estate sector with aid from active departments that include Real Estate Regulatory Agency, also known as RERA (the regulatory arm); Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center (the investment arm); Rental Dispute Settlement Center (the Judicial arm) and Dubai Real Estate Institute (the educational arm).

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Contact Information:
P.O. Box: 1166 Dubai, UAE
Phone: 600555556 
Ask Dubai: 600 560 000

For more information, please visit the Land Department website