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​Established in 2007, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) undertakes the development of the air industry in Dubai and oversees all aviation related activities. DCAA’s key tasks include securing of aero-political rights for Dubai’s national carriers and negotiation of air service agreements. Its scope covers all air transport and related activities such as sales and leisure travel, cargo, logistics and maintenance services.
DCAA's vision is to support Dubai to become the global aviation capital, contributing to the prosperity and growth of Dubai.
The DCAA includes four departments: namely, Air Transport and International Affairs Department, Standards and Regulations Department, Aviation Security and Accident Investigation Department and Corporate Support Department.
Some of its objectives include defining general policy for civil aviation in Dubai, follow up the implementation of agreements regulating air transport services,  authorizing foreign air operators, applying environmental protection policies, and supervising consumer protection legislation in the civil aviation sector.

To follow-up with your submission, please contact the recruitment officer:
Name: Ms. Fatma Abdulla
Direct Number: 04- 7770332

Name: Ms. Hana Hamad
Direct Number: 04- 7770338

Contact Information:

Phone: (+9714) 2162009
P.O.Box: 49888, Dubai
For more information, please visit Dubai Civil Aviation Authority website