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The vision of the Dubai Department of Finance (DoF) is based on the sound management of public finance with the aim of ensuring equilibrium among the emirate’s many economic and strategic objectives while supporting its economic route in order to maintain its lead in all fields and allocate resources. This is as per the Dubai Strategic Plan in order to carry out financial operations effectively and efficiently.

The DoF is tasked with improving fiscal discipline through planning and controlling government revenues and expenditures and preparing the full set of Dubai Government’s consolidated financial reports that meet the world’s best practices and increase fiscal transparency. Other tasks include providing training programmes to improve the management of public finances and expenditures.

The DoF also supports the Dubai Financial Support Fund (Support Fund), one of the most important initiatives in this field. The Support Fund provides financial liquidity to the government and government-related entities undertaking projects of strategic importance within Dubai that contribute towards the overall economic development of the emirate in line with the standards and controls approved by the Supreme Financial Policy Committee (Supreme Committee), which exercises full supervision of the fund.

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