• Before applying for a job
  • After applying for a job
  • General Question
  • ​Start by completing your candidate profile to help us match your skills with our roles. Then use our job search to apply directly for a job.

  • ​Our job search organizes results by organization and job function as well as advanced searches. You can also search for specific keywords.

  • ​use Arabic if it’s your first language, Otherwise you can use English.

  • ​​Before getting started, Make sure you have an electronic copy of your resume/CV.

  • ​Submit your profile and we’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities. If you want, we’ll also notify you about new openings that match your profile.

  • ​Yes, Answer as many as you can. The more we know about you, the easier it is to know if you’re right for the job.

  • ​Yes, Registration is completely free and we will never ask for any payments.

  • ​We’re sorry. Please report the problem right away through communication channels found in "contact us"  page. Make sure to list the problem in details.

  • ​No, just log in to your existing account and change your email in the personal information section. This will not change the address you use to log in. Please don’t create multiple accounts, It could cause confusion and delay your hiring.

  • ​If you’ve applied for a specific job, we’ll review your job application and get in touch with you if we want to know more. If you’ve submitted a profile, we’ll contact you if something opens up that’s the right fit.

  • ​You don’t need to follow up. If you’ve applied for a job online or submitted your profile, we’ll get in touch with you if you’re the right fit.

  • It is possible that your e-mail provider may have marked our e-mail as a spam or junk mail. You can try checking the spam and junk folders. If the e-mail is nowhere to be found, please check again at a later time.

    You may also wish to add our e-mail address into your contact list or safe sender list in order to receive our messages in your Inbox.

  • ​Security password policy:

    • Password length must me at least 8 characters
    • Password must be Alphanumeric ( Includes both alphabets and numbers)
    • Password should contain at least one capital letter
    • Passwords should not be blank or similar to the username
    • Password is a case sensitive
    • The user will be automatically logged out in case of inactivity for 30 minutes
    • Account will be locked after specific number of  invalid login attempts
  • ​We encourage you to use the “Forgot your password?” links at the Login page.
    Forgot your password?

    Follow these steps:
    - Type your Email Address in the space provided
    - Click “Forgot your password?”
    - Type the Email Address that corresponds to the account you are attempting to access and click “Forgot my Password”
    - Click “Confirm”
    - Than, the system will email you instructions on how to change your password

  • - ​Click the “Sign In” link located in the top right corner next to “My Job Cart” and you will be directed to our ”Privacy Agreement” before reaching the Login Page

    - Click the “New User” button

    - Create a unique Email address and write it down for your records
    Email Address Requirements

    - The system will not allow you to create an account for an Email Address that is already being used. We encourage you to pick an Email Address that is easy for you to remember, but that will be different from the other users in our database. We suggest using your valid email address. You are not allowed to use spaces within your Email Address

    - Create a “Password” and re-enter it in the “Re-enter Password” field
    - Click “Register”
    - Once you are signed in you may Leave Your Resume or Update Existing or Apply for a Job

  • ​Performing an Advanced Job Search allows you to search for further information regarding specific jobs matching your selected criteria (date of job posting, shift, etc.).

    You may search for positions posted within a specific timeframe by selecting an option within the Posting Date section.
    You may also refine your search by providing specific details about what you are looking for in a position, such as Shift and Schedule.

    You can save your search.

  •  Login using you Email Address and Password:
    - Select "Profile" From dropdown menu by clicking on your Email address in the top right
    - Profile train will display within first page to upload your resume
    - Follow and complete all pages, Then Click on “Submit”

  • ​Follow these steps:
    - Log into your account
    - Click the “My Account Options” link at the top of the page.
    - Within My Account Options, you may edit your personal information, your login information as well as your correspondence preferences
    - Click the “Edit” link next to correspondence.
    Edit your correspondence preferences by making the appropriate selections from the options shown below:
    - Send me an email notification whenever a new position matching my profile is posted (job posting notification).
    - Send me a rejection letter when my job submission is not selected.
    - Click “Save”.

    Please note:

    ”Send me an email notification” will not function if you have not made selections within the my interests section of your General Profile.

  • Clicking the link “Apply” allows you to apply for any job you wish.
    Fill all Fields that will display in the train.

    Please Note:

    You may only apply to one job at a time. Use the “My Job Cart” to save multiple jobs then apply to each job individually.

  • ​Clicking the link "Share" beside job posted allows you to Share jobs on social media sites.

  • ​You may verify that your application has been successfully submitted to our database by clicking on “My Jobpage” from main menu and click "My Submissions"tab to view your completed submissions.

  • ​By clicking on the “My Submission” tab in "My Jobpage" you can view your current status per each submission.