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Imam Malik College for Shari’a & Law was established in Dubai in 2008 according to the resolution No. 690 of Ministry of Education (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).  His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, issued a code creation No. 10 of the year 2011 to be a scientific minaret, and to participate with other institutions in formulating the shape of Cultural Dubai as the Sheikhs plan for it, and to keep the message of Dubai for culture, knowledge, and economy.

Also, it was established to fill the country’s needs of citizen scholars in Law and Shari’a fields, especially the needs for Muftis, Judges, Law-Makers, Lawyers, Preachers, Advisors in both Shari’a and Law.

There are two distinguished majors in the college that makes the college unique in these fields:

1- Shari’a Major: Teaches the terms of Legitimacy of Worshipping, Personal Issues, Financial Transactions, Modern Islamic Economy, World Economy, Modern International Relations, Modern Jurisprudential Issues which explain Islamic rules respecting the new issues in medicine, funds, business, and other issues.

2- Law & Shari’a Major:  Teaches the advanced terms of legitimacy in brief, as well as an expanding teaching of the provisions of the ordinances according to which were approved in the famous universities in the U.A.E. and the Arab world.  The aim of combining Law and Shari’a together is to enable students to balance between them in research, implementation, legislative and legal due diligence to suit the characteristics of cultural and metaphysical of the Arabic and Islamic Societies.

Because of the tremendous development in the economic and social life in Dubai and the U. A. E, we considered that the Islamic Theory in those two fields is a must since there is a great expanding in insurance companies, finance, Islamic banks worldwide. The Economic and Islamic Theory become an interest for the economic forums, experts, researchers in the universities and western research institutions.  As well as, the Social Islamic Theory becomes prominent in Modern Social Studies and Theories of Sociology through Islamic Vision to the society, its assets, its elements and its principles.

Imam Malik College for Shari’a& Law will establish two new majors as soon as possible to prepare the students to work in Economic Islamic Companies and Social companies. 

These majors are:

1-  Economic and Islamic Business Administrations: Teaching principles, assets, rules, and provisions of the Islamic economy, its institutions, its aims according to the International Economic rules and the movement of the World Economics.

2- Islamic Sociology: Teaching the concepts of psychology and sociology, teaching the social characteristics of the Arabic Islamic Society, the history of societies, institutions of civil society, rules of social statistics, the concepts of nations and communities, diversity of the cultures and languages of the community, and other issues.


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