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In his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, issued Decree No. (….) of 4 June 2008, announcing the establishment of the Professional Communication Corporation – Nedaa.

Since its inception, Nedaa has been the sole and exclusive security network provider for the Government of Dubai; Its team consists of highly-skilled professionals and knowledgeable technicians in the field of specialized telecommunications.

Nedaa has proven its leadership in the telecommunications industry by providing secure integrated wireless communications that conform with the highest global safety and security standards and specifications. The Corporation adopts the best management and operational practices to meet the Government's needs and aspirations and demand from an ever-growing Telecommunications market.

Nedaa offers its services across a wide range of industry verticals, including public transport, aviation, law enforcement, customs, ports and security.

With a sharp focus on public safety, Nedaa's services are tied up with the Dubai Government's Strategic Plan--particularly efforts to set up contingency plans and potential scenarios for crises and catastrophes. Nedaa provides the most advanced and reliable wireless technologies while it is facilitating links to competent government authorities and security firms and departments during emergencies.

Nedaa has made its mark on the telecommunications industry as the first corporation in the Middle East to implement the use of the TETRA Network throughout its diverse services which include the Mobile Base Station which offers round-the-clock monitoring and connectivity at major events, and premier indoor coverage and base transmission solutions for important facilities in the Emirate to ensure fast, secure and reliable data and information exchange.

To help further reinforce the communication needs of its clients, Nedaa has also established a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) in order to help ensure a smooth run of its clients' daily operations and address any communications-based issues and concerns.

As part of Nedaa's commitment to playing a significant role in the emirate's continuing growth and development while complying with the highest public safety standards, it has explored, developed and rolled out new and advanced technologies and has launched in October 2016 its very own Nedaa 4G network to support mission-critical situations and reinforce the country's move towards smart mobility and smart living.

Today, Nedaa is fully prepared to provide the necessary support for Dubai Expo 2020 and help maintain the highest levels of safety during the event for exhibitors and visitors alike. It will also take the opportunity to highlight its distinctive brand of technology and expertise in integrated and secure wireless communications and solutions.  

Contacts with Nedaa
At Nedaa, communication is our main focus. We continuously seek to communicate widely with partners, existing customers and prospects. We believe that communication is the basis for mutual understanding with our partners and customers which in turn leads to further development and expansion in meeting requirements of institutions and enhancement of services. Therefore, we decided to invest in all available means of communication including conventional means. For further information on Nedaa's products and services, kindly visit our website. Also, we will be pleased to interact online with you through social networking sites.
P.O Box: 91112 - Dubai - UAE
Tel : +971 4 4170000
Fax : +971 4 4170557
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